Advanced Open Water Course Overview

This course exposes you to different environments, boosts your confidence in the water, and enhances your scuba skills through different adventure dives in Cancun. Get your license and experience a mixture of excitement and great learning opportunity in every dive you make.

Every adventure dive opens a whole new world but take note that some dives may not be suitable for young divers. Since your safety is important to us, we will only let you dive within the limits of the course.

What you'll learn

It may take two or three days to fulfill this course. There are no classroom sessions, only diving which makes it highly fun! This course gives you the freedom to map your own pathway of learning with the guidance of your instructor. You will experience a total of five dives consisting of two mandatory dives (Deep and Underwater Navigation) and three adventure dives (Peak Performance Buoyancy and two dives of your choice).

Each dive has its own objective, skills, and procedures that require certain underwater exercises and exploration. Deep Dive covers the practical aspects of diving and how the body responds to deeper scuba diving. Peak Performance Buoyancy centers on buoyancy and streamlining techniques while Navigation is all about how to navigate in the water using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time. What follows next depends on the kind of adventure dive that you choose.

At the end of the course

Upon completion of this course, you will have the skills required to dive longer, deeper, and go to dive sites reserved only for advanced divers. Exciting dive locations such as cenotes, wrecks, and other challenging dives all over the world will now be open to you.

Price: US $414

All scuba equipment & tanks
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