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Rescue Diver

Quick Details

Note: We will decide the date and time for the 2nd session in the 1st one. We accommodate ourselves at your convenience.

Certified Diver

Prevention, proper knowledge & skills help save lives!

Scuba diving is a fun activity but remember that emergency situations may happen during a dive. Prevention, proper knowledge, and skills can help save lives.

The Rescue Diver course molds you into a responsible, more confident, and dependable diver by teaching you how to be proactive in the water.

The program teaches you underwater problem-solving skills that you need to aid other divers in distress.


  • Swimming skills and good health in general, minimum 12 years old, you need previous Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent to take this course.


  • All scuba equipment and tanks, boat charter, instructor, and refreshments

At The End Of This Course:

  • When you fulfill the requirements of this course, you will be able to prevent and manage problems in the water and become self-confident as you respond to dive emergencies, both minor and major.
  • Exposure to various scenarios will enhance your problem-solving skills as you put your knowledge and skills to the ultimate test.