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Minesweeper Wreck Dive

Quick Details

Certified Diver

A dive trip unlike any other!

Whether it’s your first time to go wreck diving or you have tried it multiple times, we promise that this dive trip is unlike any other.

Our two-tank Cancun Wreck Dive is ideal for certified divers who yearn for thrilling discoveries.

This wreck diving expedition will take you to two wrecks and dive as deep as 80 feet. Guests staying in accommodations located in Cancun, Cozumel, and Riviera Maya are very welcome to join us on this trip.


  • All scuba diving gear
  • Boat charter
  • English-speaking guides
  • Bottled water

What to Expect

  • We invite certified divers to join us on two dive trips in Cancun. In the first dive, we’ll guide you to the wreck of the warship, General Anaya, laying 80 feet beneath the waves.
  • She was originally a US Navy minesweeper bearing the name of USS Harlequin and entered service during the Second World War.
  • She was decommissioned and was sold to the Mexican Navy during the ’60s and was sunk intentionally in the 1980s to create an artificial reef.
  • The wreck was split into two sections in 2005 during Hurricane Wilma, which made the rooms more accessible to divers.
  • The second dive is to a wreck lying in a shallower coral reef teeming with underwater life. Here, you can enjoy a spectacle of local and migratory fish and other marine creatures in their natural habitat.
  • We only use the best scuba diving gear and every single piece is well maintained for the protection and security of our divers.
  • We only accommodate up to six divers at a time to maintain safety and ensure that our clients get the best possible service.