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Lionfish Hunting

Quick Details

Certified Diver

Hunt invasive predators to protect the ecosystem!

The lionfish is a carnivorous fish native to the Indo-Pacific that is now an invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico.

The population of lionfish dramatically increased in the past few years due to a lack of natural predators.

Lionfish hunting helps control the number of lionfish that threaten the existence of other species and compete with the native marine creatures for limited resources.

In this excursion, you will not only hunt these invasive predators to protect the ecosystem but also have fun and enjoy the beauty of Cancún.


  • All scuba diving gear
  • Boat charter
  • English-speaking guides
  • Refreshments

What to Expect

  • This activity is ideal for certified divers who want to help conserve nature. Engage in a thrilling dive and at the same time give other marine species a better chance of survival. While the sting of a lionfish is painful, our highly-experienced divemasters will discuss with you the precautionary measures to avoid being stung. We take safety seriously; our divemasters we’ll be with you all throughout the dive and we carry a first-aid kit in the boat at all times. Also, no need to worry about bringing bulky scuba equipment as we will provide them for you.
  • The scuba gear, tanks, spear, special bag, and protective gloves included in the dive trip are top notch and have been properly checked beforehand.