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Dive Package 6

Quick Details

Note: We will decide the date and time for the 2nd & 3rd sessions during the 1st one. We accommodate ourselves at your convenience.

Certified Diver

Thrilling underwater adventures!

Your vacation in Cancun is incomplete unless you see the beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula hidden under the waves.

Go on a three-day scuba diving adventure with us and have a thrilling underwater experience. You’ll never go wrong with the following adventure dives:

  • Day 1: Cancun (two-tank dive)
  • Day 2: Snorkeling with whale sharks
  • Day 3: Cozumel or Cenotes dive (two-tank dive)

Please note that this special offer is limited only from May to September. Book now while slots are available!


  • All scuba diving gear
  • Boat charter
  • English-speaking guides
  • Refreshments

What to Expect

  • On the first day, explore the rich reefs in Cancun with our highly-experienced divemasters. Swim with schools of fishes and encounter other interesting marine creatures living in this bountiful ecosystem. On the second day, you’ll have the chance to come face to face with whale sharks. Swim with these majestic creatures as they feed on plankton. On the last day, we’ll take you to the best dive spot in Cozumel to see vibrant corals and hundreds of tropical fish or you can opt to go dive in one of the cenotes in Cancún.
  • Spend wisely by booking our package rather than purchasing the trips individually. This way you can save up to $171 and have a glorious adventure at the same time. It’s like killing two birds with one stone or since we are talking about the ocean, it’s probably more appropriate to say, catching two fish with one hook.