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Dive Package 3

Quick Details

Note: We will decide the date and time for the 2nd & 3rd sessions during the 1st one. We accommodate ourselves at your convenience.

Certified Diver

Explore the Riveria Maya underwater

Nature blessed the Riviera Maya with a biologically diverse marine ecosystem that has astounded countless divers.

If you haven’t experienced its majestic underwater beauty yet, you’re definitely missing out on a great adventure.

More photos and videos are not enough to capture its sheer beauty. It’s something that you have to experience first hand.

Always Diving offers you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the region. Go on a scuba excursion with us and explore the beauty of:

  • Day 1: Cancun National Marine Park
  • Day 2: Vibrant reefs of Cozumel
  • Day 3: Spectacular stalactites and stalagmites in a cenote


  • All scuba diving gear
  • Boat charter
  • English-speaking guides
  • Refreshments

What to Expect

  • Join us on an underwater excursion to three dive locations. We begin by exploring the beauty of the Cancun National Marine Park on the first day. The underwater sanctuary is inhabited by a vast number of fish species like trumpetfish, angelfish, yellow goatfish, barracuda, and more. Rays comb these waters and they are often found gliding along the coral reefs or resting on the seabed. It’s also a playground of different kinds of turtles and a favorite feeding ground of sharks.
  • Put on your diving gear on again on the second day and explore the reefs in Cozumel. Swim with schools of fish then see the vertical walls that plunge into the abyss. On the third day, we’ll plunge into a cenote where you can experience a dive unlike any other. If you want to spice up your diving itinerary, you can add Angelita Cenote Dive or The Pit Cenote dive for an additional fee of only $60.
  • Enjoy whopping discounts of up to $59 when you choose this package. You’ll save more by taking advantage of this package rather than booking individual trips.