Dive Package 2 Overview

Nature blessed Cancun with a diverse marine ecosystem which is bound to give divers an unforgettable experience. The beauty of Cancun cannot be appreciated in a day and that’s why we want to give you ample time to explore and discover the hidden gems of the world beneath the waves. With this package, you can enjoy three days of diving in the turquoise sea teeming with colorful tropical fish and other fascinating local and migratory marine creatures. We'll take you to the best dive locations in Cancun like the pristine barrier reef which are embellished by different species of beautiful corals and starfish.

Take advantage of our three-day scuba diving package to maximize your diving excursion. Each Cancun dive consists of two tanks so you can scuba farther, deeper, and longer.

Operation: Daily

Duration: 3 days

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Our Dive Package 2 gives you the privilege of immersing yourself in Riviera Maya's rich marine biodiversity. Unlock the Caribbean splendor by experiencing three days of two-tank diving. Visit amazing diving sites like the Cancun National Marine Park and see amazing coral encrusted sculptures and Punta Cancun which is teeming with marine creatures like the angelfish, snappers, barracudas, snappers, rays, moray eels, dolphins, sharks, turtles, and occasional migrating whale sharks. This underwater paradise is like a rainforest of the ocean with underwater fauna and corals in the most vivid of colors.

We invite you to explore this underwater paradise and experience something new and exciting each time you venture into the waters. Save up to $24 by availing this package rather than purchasing each trip separately. Don't miss out and book now!

Price: US $222

Scuba diver certification


All scuba equipment and tanks
Boat charter
English speaking guides

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